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The Saint-Petersburg Music House introduces the annual Project –"The Embassy of Musical Mastery" which is known from 2012 and covers both the Russia regions and different countries accross the world. The Project includes the visiting sessions of master-classes of the leading musicians in the six Russian regions and tours of the successful young soloists in the Russia Centers of Science and Culture abroad. The concert part of the Project is implemented together with Rossotrudnichestvo.

In 2015, geography of the  concerts has significantly extended. Such countries as Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia, China, Malaysia, Laos, Bangladesh, the USA, Lithuania, Israel, Palestine, Morocco, India, United Kingdom, Brazil, and Argentina have jointed to the states where Rossotrudnichestvo traditionally welcomes young soloists from the Saint-Petersburg Music House. Also, the musicians will play in the other places all over of the world. In 2015 Master Classes of this project were held at the Petrozavodsk Conservatory and for the participants of workshop shifts at the Educational Centre “Sirius” for gifted children of the Talent and Success Foundation in Sochi.
The countries of Europe, Asia and North America opened their "Embassy of Musical Mastery" and 60 concerts took place in 22 counrtries in 2016.  Young soloists performed at Bucharest, Tokyo, Israeli Safed, Indian Chennai and Portuguese Lagoa. Record number of master classes was held in the Russian regions. Classes for young soloists took place in Russian higher and secondary music schools at Veliky NovgorodBryanskVladivostokKaliningradRyazan, Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk Music College and Ural Music College), KrasnoyarskSimferopol, Rostov-on-Don (Rostov ConservatoryRostov College of Arts).
"Embassy of Musical Mastery" will be also peformed at already familiar venues abroad and on new ones in 2017. For this year are scheduled concerts in 27 countries. Under this project of  Music House and Rossotrudnichestvo for the first time will be organized performances of young soloists in Baku, Tashkent, Ashgabat, Chisinau, Alma-Ata, Israeli Ashdod, Myanmar, Macedonia and Serbia.