4 April, Thursday – 19:00

Video-presentation by Aleksandr Korsak “St.Petersburg: white nights in North Venice”

Video presentation in French


9 April, Tuesday  – 19:00

Cinema club. Cosmonautics Day. “The Age of Pioneers”

Russian historical drama about cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, the first human to perform a spacewalk. Leonov himself served as a consultant for the film

OV with English subtitles. 140 min


9 April, Wednesday – 18:30

Cosmonautics Day and 85th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin. Vernissage of Alisa Kazakova exhibition “Space”

Portraits of astronauts, cosmic landscapes.

The exposition is open till 30 April


13 April, Saturday – 13:00

World Annual literacy test “Total dictation”

Check the knowledge of your Russian language.

(in Russian language)


16 April, Tuesday – 19:00

Concert of Valery Sutkin "That's it!"

In the program: stories, yarns, Russian and Soviet hits.



16 April, Tuesday – 20:30


Dialogue of sculpture and painting by Maria Mamkaeva (peinture), Tatiana Potapova (sculpture)

The exposition is open till 30 April


18 April, Thursday – 19:00

Literary cafe. 120th anniversary of Vladimir Nabokov “Russia, that he could not leave…”


20 April, Saturday – 15:00

LitKafeshka. Drawing Master-class by Vitaly Timoshkin “Magic birds from Russian Folk tales”


24 April, Wednesday – 19:00

Cinema club. «Russian short films day». Part III

“Bride”; “Foreign land”; “No”; “Casting”; “Rebound”

OV or English subtitles


25 April, Thursday – 18:00

Cooking Master-class by Elena Naumova “Easter Table Ideas”


25 April, Thursday – 19:00

Drawing Master-class by Maria Mamkayeva “White Nights”


30 April, Tuesday – 19:00

International Jazz Day concert “From classics to Jazz”, Trio “Lait Russe”


Exhibition working hours:

Mon-Fri: 10:00 - 17:00, weekend: by appointment