02.04.2020. Cinema club online. Mikhail Bulgakov cycle. "Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession" by Leonid Gaidai

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Based on Mikhail Bulgakov's novel.

Fantastic comedy, 1973, 93 min.

Directed by Leonid Gaidai

Starring: Leonid Kuravlev, Yuri Yakovlev, Alexander Demyanenko, Natalya Selezneva, Natalya Krachkovskaya, Savely Kramarov

OV with English subtitles

The plot of the movie unfolds around an engineer-inventor Timofeev, who created a time machine and due to an accidental sequence of events swaped the Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible with Shurik’s neighbour Ivan Vasilyevich together with the recidivist thief George Miloslavsky.

The movie became a leader of the Soviet film distribution and until this days keeps its status as one of the classic Russian comedies. There is probably no Russian who haven’t watched it, and the ones who watched, loved it.

Our expert: Alexandra Dementieva


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Alexandra Dementieva is a multidisciplinary artist, who has lived and worked in Brussels for twenty years. Trained in journalism (Moscow) and Fine Arts (Moscow and Brussels), she oriented her artistic approach towards psychology, communication and sociology using new technologies. She is interested in the place of art in society, in the way it is perceived by the public. His work is inspired by very concrete situations, from the street, the museum and / or our daily lives. The context of the exhibition or the medium used here becomes the trigger for the work. The part of exchange, interactivity sought between the subject and the public. She is a lecturer at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts School of Arts. Her work has been exhibited internationally - Brazil, United States, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Korea, Italy, etc.