Geographical Dictation of the Russian Geographical Society

The 2018 Geographical Dictation was held for the first time at the Russian Cultural and Scientific Center in Brussels. The event brought together more than 30 people interested in the geography of Russia.

The results will be announced on November 30, and prizes will be awarded to the winners at the Russian Cultural Center during one of our coming events.

The Geographical Dictation was first held in 2015. About 260,000 people took part in it in 2017. Not only Russia but also many other countries examined their knowledge in geography. The event was held in 25 countries. Moreover, in 2017 the event was conducted at 2224 locations. In Russia the largest number of locations for the Dictation was in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) where it was held at 277 locations.

The leader in the number of locations for this education event among foreign countries was China, the Dictation was held there in 10 cities. Moreover, it was organized online and about 110,000 people tested their knowledge online at: