"LitCafechka" dedicated to the 140 anniversary of Pavel Bajov

On the snowy 2nd of February 2019 in the CCSR, there was the very first “LitCafé” for kids. On that occasion, kids were lucky enough to assist a fairy lecture where we discussed about one of the most amazing regions of Russia – Oural. About its geography, why it is so famous, the legend of the old Bashkir and the fields of chrysolithe multicolored stones. The storyteller and author Pavel Bajov has perfectly described those places, he carefully assembled the traditional stories and the ones he heard during his childhood. During the “LitCafé”, kids were told the marvelous Pavel Pajov’s fairytale “Silver Hoof”. The artist Liudmila Krasnova and the organisator Ekaterina Kizilova described the heros to the kids, they explained why the heros have interesting names, what is illustrating and then the kids were invited to represent the heros on paper. At the ending, the “Silver Hoof” was screened with a good tea and some Russian traditional sweets. Kids were happy about this very first experience and it surely reminded to their parents the importance of Russian traditional art in youth education. The event was organised in association with our partner the Russian school “Azbuka”: https://www.azbuka.be/o-nas We invite every Russian-speaking school to cooperate for the organisation of our next “LitCafechka”.