The "Total Dictation" in Brussels has doubled

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The number of participants in the Total Dictation in Brussels this year has doubled compared with the previous one, in the future it is planned to expand the action to other cities in Belgium, Vera Bunina, the director of the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Brussels, told RIA Novosti.

The dictation took place on Saturday, April 13 in Moscow and around the world.

"The interest in the action is undoubtedly increasing. The number of participants doubled during the year, there was great interest, people asked questions when preparing for the dictation, were glad that it appeared in Belgium," she said after the results of the dictation.

She clarified that "on the basis of the center the action takes place for the second year."

"Today, about 40 people took part, and I think that the number will grow from year to year, because we have plans to expand and implement the" Total Dictation "in other cities, in particular, in Antwerp and Liege, where universities they are also learning Russian. Next year we plan to increase the number of sites, because people are interested and come, "she said.


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