«That’s it!» Valery Syutkin Concert

It seems, Brussels has not seen yet something like this: an incendiary concert was held within the Russian Center for Science and Culture, on the stage is incomparable Valery Syutkin. A lot of spectators gathered in the hall, everyone wanted to listen to incredible hits of Russian and Soviet pop, blues, jazz, and style songs performed by the very dear honored artist of Russia!
It was an incredible irrepressible whirlwind concert, and at the same time a very deep, heartfelt, everyone's soul undoubtedly trembled from the sincerity of the author, his soulfulness, from the life stories that are associated with each song, from the moment of its creation. Valery Syutkin is not only a wonderful singer, but also a great storyteller.
And, of course, his love for Moscow was passed on to everyone, Valery Syutkin is an honorary artist of the city of Moscow. And we wanted to come again and again to this stunning, modern, dynamic city. Well, St.Petersburg, too, the song "Moskva-Neva" is incomparable, and it would seem that the dispute between the residents of the two capitals about the street curb and border has already been resolved!
“Moscow bit”, “Love, girls”, “Vasya”, “I am what you need”, “Black cat” and much more in an unforgettable concert, a terrific gift to all viewers of all generations and nationalities from Rossotrudnichestvo and Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The spectators' applause did not cease!
In conclusion, Valery Syutkin gave a few parting words: “Life is short, so forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love sincerely, be faithful friends, and have fun, as we are with you today, uncontrollably!”
This is a call to action!

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