On May 5 the action "Immortal regiment" took place in Liege

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On May 5, the member organization of the Belgian Federation of Russian-speaking Organizations “Meridian” organized the action "Immortal Regiment" on the territory of the Citadel Memorial in Liege with the support of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Belgium.

A large number of people joined the action, came with portraits of their relatives and friends to honor the memory of war veterans who fought for peace, who gave their lives and strength for the sake of future generations. This year, for the first time, the descendants of members of the Belgian resistance, as well as the anti-fascist public organizations of the Kingdom, joined the "Immortal Regiment" in Belgium.

The program of the ceremony included greetings from representatives of the Russian Embassy in Belgium, laying flowers and a prayer service in the burial places of Soviet soldiers at the Citadel memorial cemetery.

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The Immortal Regiment is an international public civil-patriotic movement to preserve the personal memory of the generation of the Great Patriotic War. Participants of the movement annually on Victory Day are convoyed through the streets of cities with photos of their relatives - veterans of the army and navy, partisans, underground fighters, resistance fighters, home front workers, concentration camp prisoners, blockaders, children of war - and also write family stories about them in the People’s Chronicle on the site of the movement "Immortal regiment".

The movement "Immortal Regiment" in its present form was initiated in 2011 by journalists of the Tomsk media group, supported by citizens. In 2012, the first action took place, in the same place, in Tomsk, the popular movement was called the "Immortal Regiment". The Regimental Charter was created, which formulated the principles of the movement as a non-profit, non-political, non-state civil initiative. Previously, similar actions under other names were held in other cities of the country. Now the action takes place all around the world, the popular movement covers more than 80 states and territories. In 2018, more than ten million people took part in the action "Immortal Regiment" throughout Russia.

In the Republic of Belarus, a similar campaign called “Belarus remembers” is taking place.

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