Photo Exhibition: “On the way to the Victory”

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On May 8, before the showing of the film "T-34", the opening of the exhibition "Towards Victory", held by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Belgium, was held at the Russian Center for Science and Culture. The exhibition will run until May 29.

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The exhibition includes more than 40 photographs from the archives of the TASS news agency, representing a documentary chronicle of the Great Patriotic War. The pictures witnessed heavy fighting at the forefront and soldiers’ scarce minutes of rest, partisans' and women pilots' daily life, people sacrifying themselves on the home front and true exultation on the Victory Day.

Dozens of the agency’s reporters, armed with Leicas and pads, travelled through  all fronts. The exhibition presents works by well-known masters of war photojournalism, such as Yevgeny Khaldei, Emmanuil Evzerikhin, Nikolai Sitnikov, Georgy Lipskerov, Mikhail Trakhman, Naum Granovsky, and others.

Every picture is accompanied by quotations from war-era songs or verses by famous authors, such as Anna Akhmatova and Vasily Lebedev-Kumach, Konstantin Simonov and Yulia Drunina, Aleksandr Tvardovsky and Mikhail Isakovsky, Olga Bergholz, Aleksandr Romm, Vladimir Kharitonov...

Some photographs captured on film the authors themselves: Konstantin Simonov, declaiming his new verses to soldiers on the battlefield, and Aleksandr Tvardovsky with his brother-in-arm Vasily Glotov, who served as the prototype for the most famous image of Vasily Terkin, created by the artist  Orest Vereisky.

The Victory in the Second World War had a great historical significance. Peoples of the Soviet Union demonstrated oustanding strength, courage, diligence and commitment. They managed to defend freedom and independence and the future of the whole Europe at an unprecedented human cost as more than 27 million Soviet citizens perished during the war.