Day of Slavic Writing and Culture and Seminar of the Center "Zlatoust"

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May 24, 2019 in the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Brussels, a methodical seminar for teachers of the Russian language as a foreign center "Zlatoust" is held. The program includes two main areas: Seminar on children's bilingualism and Seminar on teaching Russian as a foreign language.
The seminars include famous lecturers who discuss current issues in children's bilingualism, as well as renowned author Stanislav Chernyshov. He presented the latest revision of his famous textbook "Let's Go," and also held an open lesson.
Also within the framework of the seminar, an exhibition of methodical literature on the topics discussed was organized.
The educational seminar was opened by Vera Bunina, head of the Russian Center, she presented plans that the event could become an annual May seminar for Russian language teachers from all over Europe and even the world, and also said about the ideas for creating a methodological platform for the Russian language based on the RCSC website . Stanislav Nikolayevich Golubev, General Director of the Center "Zlatoust" emphasized in his speech the importance of holding the event, as well as the geography of the project, because the course participants - teachers of Russian both Russian and foreign come from different countries of Europe and even Lebanon.
Also in the program of the Seminar Roxana Buraya (Center "Zlatoust", St. Petersburg), Review of new publishing and educational projects on children's bilingualism, and review of new publishing and educational projects on RCTs of the Center "Chrysostom";
Ekaterina Protasova (University of Helsinki), “Gaming techniques in the development of children's speech. Theoretical approaches, practical solutions "; Natalie Topazh (Leibniz Center for General Linguistics, Berlin) “Diagnostic testing of bilingual children. Scientific approach and pedagogical practice "; Elena Ageeva (Institute for Child Development, Dortmund) “Speech development and bilingualism (Specificity of speech development in 3 main periods)”.
According to the results of the Seminar, all participants received certificates of completion of the educational course.