Performance "The adventures of Ellie and Totochka in Wonderland" to the International Day of the Protection of Children

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Today the cultural and scientific centre of Russia in Brussels is filled with voices of children and laughter, because young talents from the Russian school of Leuven have represented on the stage "The adventures of Ellie and Totochka in Wonderland" .

The Director of the Centre in Brussels, Vera Bunina, and the Director of the School of Leuven, Lisa Feyars, opened the show with a speech. The event was led by Yuliana Pakhomova, Director of the Creative Studio "HobbyArt".

Also today, the opening of the exhibition of the creative works of the young artists of "HobbyArt", the smallest are 4 years old, but their creativity exceeds that of the adults. The winners of the opening received certificates of gratitude and memorable prizes, for the most part it was their first great exhibition.