Pushkin is our everything! Alexander Pushkin's 220th Anniversary of and Russian Language Day

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June 6 is a significant date, we celebrate 220 years since the birth of the great and world famous Russian poet and writer Alexander Pushkin. Pushkin is the ancestor of the new Russian literature and the founder of the modern Russian literary language.

Therefore, on June 6, the birthday of Pushkin, Russia celebrates the Day of the Russian Language. This date is set by the Presidential Decree on May 6, 2011 “in order to preserve, support and develop the Russian language as the national heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation, a means of international communication and an integral part of the cultural and spiritual heritage of world civilization”.

The literary work of Alexander Sergeevich accompanies us throughout life. We begin to get acquainted with his fairy tales from early childhood. His works unite people of all generations and nationalities, are translated into dozens of world languages, the poet has his admirers in all corners of our planet.

For the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Belgium, the anniversary of the great poet is of particular importance, because the only direct descendant of A.S. Pushkin, his great-grandson Alexander Pushkin lives in Belgium, he is a patron of the arts and a public figure, chairman of the Union of Russian Nobles of Belgium, co-chairman of the International Charitable Foundation. A. S. Pushkin, his wife Maria-Madeleine Durnovo-Pushkina (President of the Pushkin International Foundation) belongs to the Gogol family and the Pushkin family!

The Russian Center for Science and Culture in Brussels congratulates on the Day of the Russian language, on the anniversary of the great poet and wishes everyone to appreciate our cultural heritage, to love and speak Russian! We wish the Pushkin family and the Pushkin Foundation all the best, well-being and prosperity!