And they lived happily ever after ... In Belgium they presented the medals "For love and faithfulness"

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5 families received medals "For love and faithfulness" on the eve of Family Day, love and allegiance on June 28 in Belgian Liege. The medals were presented by the head of the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Brussels, Vera Bunina.

Commemorative medals established by the Organizing Committee for the "Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness in the Russian Federation." Recall that this day is dedicated to the Day of Memory of the Holy Prince Peter and his wife Fevronia, who patronize family and marriage in the Orthodox tradition. The holiday was approved on July 8, and became, in a way, a response to Valentine's Day.

Arkady Gorshkov and Nelya Kuzmenko were the first to receive the medal this year in Liege. They live married for 53 years, raised two children and four grandchildren, support and strengthen the Russian-speaking community in Belgium. Harutyun Sarkisyan and Alla Medvedeva are married less, "only" 32 years old, raised 3 children. Alla is a teacher of Russian language, she worked in the Russian-language camp Saturn in Belgium, helping to organize many events. Nikolay Pilipenko and Galina Gorbachenko got married 35 years ago, raised two sons, and for more than 14 years they are the elders of the Russian Orthodox Church in honor of the Icon of the Mother of God “Life-Giving Source” in Liege. Jean Timoshenko and Maria Bedino have been married for 45 years. Jean has been a preacher and rector of the church in Liege for more than 20 years. He enjoys great prestige among the Russian-speaking diaspora. Ilduz Gazizulin and Zainap Sitdikova have been married for more than a quarter of a century. Gazizulin - a member of a limited contingent of troops in Afghanistan, has awards. Sitdikova is an active participant in cultural events of the Tatar and Russian diaspora in Belgium.

The “Blagovest” Choir of Liege has prepared a festive music program for all guests. The culmination of the evening was a birthday cake for "youth", a gift from the organization of Russian compatriots "Meridian". The atmosphere of the evening was very warm, shouting “Bitterly” to all couples, in addition to medals and flowers, were given cups of champagne and wanted the couple to live together for at least as much.

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For reference

The love story of Peter and Fevronia is familiar to many. It is told in the same name of the old Russian story of the XVI century - despite the fact that the events described occur three hundred years before.

Here is the story itself. The prince Peter was struck by a terrible disease of leprosy. His whole body was covered with scabs, and there was no escape from them. Any medicine and efforts of the healers called up to the palace could not help the prince, and it became worse for him day by day. But once Peter had a dream that the daughter of a beekeeper Fevronia from the village of Laskovo, near Ryazan, would be able to get rid of his illness. Desperate prince went to the land of Ryazan. Fevronia, who knew the healing herbs, agreed to cure Peter, and in return took the promise that he would marry her as soon as he recovered. And the disease receded - the scabs passed, the prince recovered. But he did not want to just get married with a simple peasant and changed his mind. He went to his Murom, but forgot about the vow that Fevronia had given him. But the deceiver did not even have time to drive halfway as ulcers began to appear again on his body. Peter rushed back to his healer, fell at her feet and asked for forgiveness. She cured the prince again, and this time he kept his promise and married.

Well, then as it should be - they lived happily ever after, and being already elderly, they took the veil and retired to their own monastery.