We dance twist in Brussels. Fiery master class from Julia Zvyagina

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The participants in the master class whirled brightly and effectively with the sounds of a twist led by Yulia Zvyagina at the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Brussels. Fiery Twist is one of the rock and roll dance styles. It combines a playful and frivolous mood, and is a whole epoch that the whole world remembers as a distinct and unique period in dance history.

The twist has its own character - life and optimism, because of what it is distinguished from other dance styles, and that makes it still very famous and popular.

The history of the Twist style began in 1961. It was then on television that Chebbi Checker performed the invented dance, and gave a full description of how to perform movements similar to extinguishing a cigarette butt. To carry out these simple elements did not require a partner, which brought him even more popularity.

The host of the course, a charming experienced dance teacher Yulia Zvyagina, was in the past a member of the Moscow ensemble of ballroom dance "Contrast".


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