Poets from around the world gathered in Brussels

The XI World Poetry Festival “Emigrant Lira-2019” has opened at the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Brussels. The musical and poetic evening “Lira in Brussels” turned out to be very solemn, but at the same time cozy and even homely, because people of art gathered in the hall.

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The festival organizers and numerous guests who came from various countries, even from Australia, read verses of their own composition, both in Russian and in other languages, for example, in French, Portuguese and Chinese.

Opening the evening, the head of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture Vera Bunina wished the Emigrant Lira success and reminded that the largest Russian-language library in Benelux operates at the RCSC. The head of the festival and the editor-in-chief of the Emigrant Lira magazine, Alexander Melnik, contributed to the replenishment of the library and presented a collection of poems by the participants of the festival before the beginning of the poetic evening.

According to Melnik, the main goal of the Emigrant Lyre is to unite poets from all over the world based on the Russian language and Russian poetry. During the 11 years that poetry festivals take place, thousands of people living in different corners of the globe have become acquainted with each other.

Evenings of multilingual poetry, which take place in Belgium every year, have become so popular among European poets that a special selection is made to participate in them. This year the president of the Society of Poets of France, Jean-Charles Dorj, the organizer of a major poetry festival in Portugal, Fernando Cabrita, the president of the Association of Belgian Writers Martin Ruire, and many others participated.

Thanks to the efforts of the organizers of the festival, Russian poetry in the world (especially in Europe and northern Africa!) Is becoming more and more popular. One of the participants in the 2017 festival, Moroccan poet Said Tigraoui, the organizer of a major international festival in Marrakesh, impressed by the Emigrant Lyre, dedicated his festival to the Russian poetry this year.

The program of the Festival can be found here. It will be held in different cities of Belgium, and one of the venues will open in Paris.