The Russian Сentre in Belgium opened a new season

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Russian Centre In Brussels opened a new season! The gala evening, which we prepared together with the Association of compatriots Triomphe de l'art, featured arias from the Opera of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "don Giovanni" ("Don Giovanni"). Many connoisseurs consider it the greatest operas ever written. Thanks to the bright image, the name of the main character became a household word.

The Opera is based on a well known Spanish legend. The main character is don Giovanni– the brave and the bold seducer of women. But by Mozart he is charming, incredibly optimistic and full of vitality in any situation. Perhaps this is the secret of recognition by the General public.

"Don Giovanni" in the interpretation of Triomphe de l'art, seeks to find a real correspondence between the humor of the 18th century and the current perception of the funny. Therefore, the production makes use of modern technologies, artistic anachronisms and mixing eras. Don Juan lives in our time, full of innovation and information flows.

A team of artists from different countries came on the scene in this composition for the first time and gave it everything, not leaving anyone indifferent.


Characters in this Opera:


DON GIOVANNI, a young nobleman (baritone) - MICHAEL GURKOV

LEPORELLO, his servant (bass) - MARCO SALA


DONNA ANNA, his daughter (soprano) - JULIETTE KOCHAROVA

DON OTTAVIO, her fiancé (tenor) - AMIR SARACEVIC

DONNA ELVIRA, lady of Burgos (soprano) - MARGARIDA of HIPOLITO

ZERLINA, a peasant girl (soprano) LOUISE trucks

MASETTO, her fiancé (baritone) - CHRISTOPHE BORN



Musical Director / pianist - Artur Burmistrov

Director - Olga Markina

The project's artist - Alexander He

Stage design: Tatiana Lawrence

Project Manager - Stanislav Galkin


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