Russian Center for Science and Culture in Brussels opened an exhibition dedicated to World War II

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Together with the Russian Embassy in Belgium, we have collected materials that help to understand what led to the largest military conflict in the history of humanity, shed light on the reasons of the failure to create a broad anti-Hitler coalition with the participation of the USSR, as well as the logic of the actions of the Soviet leadership.

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Opening the exhibition, the head of the RCSC Vera Bunina noted that it has unique documents from 1938-39 in it that shed light on the dramatic events which preceded the World War II. And it is very important that Europeans can see them.

According to the press attaché of the Russian Embassy in Belgium, Violetta Churakova, the exposition is made to recall the lessons of history, the real events of 1939 that preceded the German attack on Poland, to spread facts and objective information about this within a wide European audience.

One of the most active participants of those events was the outstanding Soviet diplomat Andrei Gromyko. Therefore, the RCSC presented another exhibition dedicated to the 110th anniversary of his birth.

Andrei Gromyko is famous for his unsurpassed diplomatic skills, skillful promotion of the interests of our country, participation in the key negotiations and events of the 20th century. He stood at the origins of the formation of the UN, and in 1946 he became the first Soviet representative at this most important international organization. For almost three decades - from 1957 to 1985 - Gromyko headed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR. The result of his work - dozens of both bilateral and multilateral agreements.

And the gala evening at the RCSC ended with one of the most famous and memorable Russian films of the 2000s, in which war and science fiction are compatible things - the movie “We are from the Future”. According to the plot, four modern Russian teenagers engaged in "black archeology" find themselves in 1942, at the middle of the fights near Leningrad.

If you could not come – no problem! In the new season, the Russian Center for Science and Culture will have a lot of interesting events. You can verify this on our website, in the "Events" section or on the calendar.