Boris Grachevsky arrived in Brussels

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The famous screenwriter, director and creator of the well-known show “Yeralash” ("Jumble") brought to Belgium his full-length film "Between the Notes, or Tantric Symphony."

This is a picture about love and social inequality. He is a talented composer, she is a young eccentric girl who had not read a single thick book. There is an abyss between them, but they love each other. These relationship, which at first seemed impossible, are developing quickly.

What they end up with - Grachevsky did not reveal this secret to the audience, but he showed the film itself. And then he answered the questions of those who came, talked about how the idea of ​​creating a picture came about, and shared plans for the future.

The visit of Boris Grachevsky to Brussels did not end there. On Wednesday, September 25, at 18:00 he will again enter the stage of the Russian Centre and show the new episodes of the show “Yeralash”.

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