Poet Galina Balebanova read poems about Marina Tsvetaeva in Brussels

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Moscow poet Galina Balibanova performed at the Russian Centre in Brussels. The evening was dedicated to Marina Tsvetaeva. Balebanova spoke about important episodes in the life of Tsvetaeva and read poems dedicated to her.

During her short life, Marina Tsvetaeva left a great literary heritage. And, like any creative person, she reflected all her experiences in her works. Poems by Marina Tsvetaeva are full of vivid images and emotional intensity. As the poet herself said, many of her works were devoted to those people who loved her, and whom she loved. There were a lot of such romantic meetings and bitter partings in her life.

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French composer Florent Delport accompanied Balebanova. As he told himself, he accidentally found out about Marina Tsvetaeva. When he bought an apartment in Paris, in which the poet lived. Now Delport is the President of the Association of Marina Tsvetaeva.

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