How to get from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Azov? Belgium wrote the "Geographical dictation"

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The International educational campaign "Geographical dictation - 2019" was held at the Russian Centre in Brussels. Mainly schoolchildren came to check how much they know about the geography of Russia. But there were older participants.

In 45 minutes they needed to answer 40 questions, among which were both relatively simple and very difficult, for example, "which of the listed lakes is the most distant from the equator?"

Geographical dictation is an annual action and it is being held for the fifth time. The task is to unite all those interested in the geography, ecology, history and culture of Russia. Dictation was written by participants from all regions of Russia and more than 100 countries of the world, for example, Greece, Argentina, Germany, Ukraine and China.

Even the ISS crew sent their regards to those who arrived.

In conclusion, all participants received memorable certificates. The results can be found on the dictation website -, on November 29, 2019.

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