You can see the Northern Thebaid in Belgium

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The photo exhibition "The Heart of Northern Thebaid" is open at the Russian Centre in Brussels. The exposition contains more than a hundred photographs taken by Archbishop Pesochensky and Yukhnovsky Maximilian. He headed the Vologda department for more than 20 years.

Opening the exhibition, the head of the Russian Centre Vera Bunina noted that the Northern Thebaid is the collective name of the Russian North, which for many in our country remains a symbol of traditional, ancient Russia. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the vernissage took place after an important holiday - National Unity Day.

In his welcoming speech the Archbishop of Brussels and Belgium Simon said that the exhibition presents only a small part of the work of Archbishop Maximilian, but it will allow those who come to appreciate the beauty of the Vologda Region and the whole Russian North.

Before the revolution of 1917, 138 monasteries and 1340 churches existed in the territory of the modern Vologda Region. The ascetics retreated here in search of severe feats, and after them came men with a plow and an axe in search of spiritual guidance and comfort, building their homes near the monasteries of the monks. This was the development of the Russian North.

The exhibition will be open in the Russian Centre until November 17. You can see the photos of the exhibition in our photo gallery.