Which type of region is the most frequent in Russia and what is the name of the holiday, which earlier completed the spring field works? The Big Ethnographic Dictation was written in Brussels

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The Big Ethnographic Dictation has reached Belgium. In 45 minutes, those who came to the Russian Centre had to answer 30 questions about Russia, its people, structure, holidays and traditions.

Both Russians and foreigners who speak Russian could test their level of ethnographic knowledge, regardless of education, social affiliation, religion or citizenship. There were no age restrictions as well.

But it is worth noting that the questions were very difficult. For example, what opportunities does each resident of the country have for self-determination of nationality during the All-Russian population census? Or what are the descendants of the Old Believers in Transbaikalia called?

The correct answers will soon appear on the dictation’s website miretno.ru, and all participants will be able to find out their results on December 12.

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