Zakhar Prilepin in Brussels

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Russian writer, public figure, journalist, television presenter, actor and musician Zakhar Prilepin arrived in Brussels and met with his readers in the Russian Centre. He just finished working on the biography of Sergei Yesenin, which turned out to be very voluminous - more than a thousand pages. According to Prilepin, he used an unusual technique - Yesenin dies in the middle of the book. And the last third of the work is devoted to a detailed analysis of versions of the causes of the poet’s death.

Prilepin talked a lot not only about his work, but also about the situation in the world. He talked about his experience in communicating with the European audience. It turns out that the writer is most willingly printed in France, just like Yesenin was in his time. The writer told about his first appearance on the French radio.

Prilepin also answered questions from the audience. They were very different - from the poetic preferences of the writer to the details of his acquaintance with his wife. You can watch the full version of the evening on our YouTube channel.