Ensemble "Uslada" brought the "Gingerbread House" to Brussels

The ensemble “Uslada” gave a concert at the Russian Centre in Belgium. On stage, the musicians performed famous folk songs, both dance and lyric. The artists accompanied themselves with a wide variety of instruments: button accordion, balalaika, flutes, spoons and even a unique spoon with a xylophone inside.

Opening the evening, the head of the Russian Centre Vera Bunina noted that the ensemble came from Vladimir, which is a part of the Golden Ring of Russia, and will show the beauty of the folk art of our country.

In addition to music, the artists showed the audience some fascinating old games, for example, Buckwheat. Its meaning is that the couple should stand with their backs to each other, count to 3 and then turn their heads. If both turn in one direction, 3 kisses follow.

After the concert, the exhibition “Rodchenko. Art revolutionary from Kazan" was opened.

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