It is possible to translate Pushkin. Brussels hosted a meeting with Julian Henry Lowenfeld

A literary evening with an American and Russian lawyer, writer, and translator of Alexander Pushkin into English Julian Henry Lowenfeld was held at the Russian Centre in Belgium. He has translated not only Pushkin - Mayakovsky, Tsvetaeva, Hugo sounded in the original and in English... In addition, he read other translations of Pushkin into English - for example, Vladimir Nabokov.

The audience’s opinion was unambiguous - Julian Andreevich (as he himself asks to be called) is Pushkin’s best translator into Shakespeare’s language.

Julian Henry Lowenfeld, American poet, playwright, composer and translator, became the winner in the nomination "Translation Activities" of the Russian Rome Festival in 2019.

Lowenfeld is the author of one of the five English editions of Eugene Onegin published in the US. His great-grandfather, Rafael Löwenfeld, was the first translator of Leo Tolstoy's works into German and helped the Nabokov family after the revolution of 1917.

Lowenfeld's dual language compilation titled My Talisman: The Poetry & Life of Alexander Pushkin earned him the prestigious Russian art and literature ‘Petropol’ prize in 2010. In Pushkin's poems, Lowenfeld succeeded in preserving original and distinctive rhythms of most poems so one can easily recognize which poem this is without any knowledge of English.