The delegation of the Russian Centre paid tribute to the Unknown Soldier

The delegation of the Russian Center in Brussels on December 3, on the Day of the Unknown Soldier, took part in memorial ceremonies at memorials dedicated to the fallen Soviet soldiers in Belgian Liege.

The head of the Center, Vera Bunina, together with the Press Attaché of the Russian Embassy in Belgium, Violetta Churakova, laid wreaths at the Cointe memorial and in the Citadel of Liège. There are the remains of prisoners of war from different countries, shot by the Germans in the period from 1942 to 1944. During World War II, there was a prison in the citadel in which prisoners were held. During the war years, 415 people were shot there, including 14 Soviet prisoners of war.

On each grave there is a concrete cross of white color, on which a bronze plate in French is fixed. On it is the name and the date of execution.

Vera Bunina’s speech at the memorial turned out to be very emotional:

“Today, December 3, on the Day of the Unknown Soldier, we want to honor the memory of many unknown heroes, whose names we are now establishing, who fought in Belgium. They got here in different ways. Basically, these are active people who fled from concentration camps, from German captivity. And those who wished to continue the struggle together with the fighters of the Belgian resistance. There are a lot of these graves. Many people died so that there was peace on earth, for freedom, for the liberation of Europe from Nazism. And today it is very important that the memory of them not only does not fade away - on the contrary, we are doing everything to find out who these people were, to perpetuate their memory. We thank them for the feat they accomplished, for their perseverance, courage, heroism. We will always remember them".