"School of executioners." An evening dedicated to Nazi crimes was held at the Cinema Club of the Russian Centre in Brussels

A film “They were called “Trawniki” (School of Executioners)” was demonstrated in the Cinema Club of the Russian Centre in Brussels. This is a documentary that tells the story of the SS training camp created in the small Polish town of Trawniki, in which future guards and executioners for Nazi death camps from among volunteer collaborators were trained.

The film tells about what happened to these people. At what point did the humanity within them succumb to the inhumanity? How was their consciousness deformed? And what did these people do after the war?

Before the picture began, American professor of history Peter Kuznik, who participated in the making the film, gave a lecture on “Unpublished pages of the Holocaust”. “They must be brought to justice. Such crimes have no statute of limitations”, - stated Kuznik, saying that some graduates of the “School of Executioners” were not punished.