"Mysterious Tibet" in Belgium

A meeting with Christina Tanis, a researcher at the International Centre for the History and Sociology of the Second World War and its Consequences was held In the Lecture Hall of the Russian Centre in Brussels. Tanis talked about the film "Mysterious Tibet", which has a very unusual story.

Initially, a German film of the same name was shot during the expedition of Ernst Schaeffer to Tibet (1938-1939). This expedition has long been a base for various conspiracy theories, since the top Nazi leaders prepared it. Some believed that the expedition pursued occult and esoteric goals, others that Schaeffer went to Tibet to sign a military alliance and organize channels for transporting weapons to Asia.

In any case, during the expedition Nazis collected a lot of documentary material about the life and traditions of Tibetans. After the end of World War II, “Mysterious Tibet” as part of a captured film fund was delivered to the Soviet Union. In 1949, at the peak of a surge of interest in Asia and Tibet, after cardinal editing changes, the Soviet authorities released a picture in movie theaters with a new narration. The picture was presented in the USSR as a Soviet film, "created on the basis of materials from a foreign chronicle.

Opening the evening, the head of the Russian Centre, Vera Bunina, reminded that recently, in the RCSC Lecture Hall, there was a lecture about the school of executioners “Trawniki”, and a large number of interesting lectures in Russian, English and French are planned for 2020.