Brussels celebrated the Student’s day

The Russian Сentre in Brussels celebrated "Tatyana's Day" - Student's Day - with an excellent concert, with the participation of students of the RCSC Language School. They staged plays by famous Russian writer Anton Chekhov, (January 26 - Chekhov's anniversary - 160 years), and sang old Russian romances.

The evening’s program also included an intellectual game dedicated to sport - “Scrabble Lotto” by Daria Loyola, the celebration of birthdays of all Tatyanas, presentation of intellectual gifts and the most delicious drink - Sbiten - the “national” drink of Moscow University. In addition, a surprise awaited the guests: a lot of treats with the letter "C" (from the word "Student"): pancakes with sour cream, condensed milk, herring, beets, drying and even tea from a samovar.

The director of the Russian Center, Vera Bunina, a graduate of Moscow State University, spoke about the secrets of celebrating Tatyana's day and preparing ginger-honey student delicacy.

And before the concert there was a round table “Brussels Dialogue. Student communities of Russia and Europe”, the participants of which discussed current issues and problems of modern student life. Also at the round table a system for selecting candidates for free education in Russia was presented.

And, of course, the national anthem of the students - Gaudeamus - sounded at the festival.