The Golden Age of Russian Painting. Alexander Korsak spoke in Belgium about famous Russian Artists

A lecture by the Belgian journalist, art critic and historian Alexander Korsak entitled “The Golden Age of Russian Painting” was held at the Russian Centre in Brussels.

It was about the middle of the XIX century, which turned out to be quite rich in events in the political and cultural life of Russia.

Korsak was focused on the Wanderers. This is an association of Russian artists who organized traveling exhibitions (hence the name) and conducted active educational activities.

The association included masters who became famous throughout the world - Repin, Surikov, Shishkin, Vasnetsov and many others.

The lecture was very interesting, as it was held in French. Korsak spoke of curious historical details, not all of which were known to the Belgians.

Within the framework of the Lecture Centre, meetings with interesting people from both Belgium and Russia will continue at the Russian Centre.