Мой, моя, моё. Online Classes at the Language School of the Russian Centre continue

Restrictive measures in Belgium due to the coronavirus are likely to last at least another 8 weeks. This was announced by the Minister of Health. So we may still have to spend a lot of time at home.

Russian courses at the Russian Centre are therefore continuing online. All the groups have already mastered the methods of distance education and are progressing in their program.

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For example, an A-level group will study today plural and possessive pronouns. These do not change according to the gender of the noun in certain languages ​​such as English for example. While in Russian, it's a whole science. Мой, моя, моё... Depending on the subject's gender, the possessive pronoun also changes. To this must be added the plural...

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The nuances of the Russian language are complex, but also very interesting and beautiful; our teachers, graduates of the best Russian higher education institutions, help our students to familiarise themselves with these concepts.

If you want to use your free time to learn Russian, join us. We offer courses to students from level A1 to C1. To register, simply send us an email to the address: ccrlangrusse@hotmail.com.

Go online!

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