Modern children's literature. Virtual exhibition.

The library of the Cultural and Scientific Center of Russia in Brussels presents a virtual exhibition dedicated to the International Children's Book Day.

"Today, young people do not read." How many times in the 21st century have we heard this phrase. However, statistics negate these claims. According to the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre, young people aged 18 to 24 (83%) and 25 to 34 (61%) read regularly, and sales of children's printed books have increased in recent years.

Classical works are not the only ones to enjoy a certain popularity, modern writers are also appreciated.

Another proof of the constant interest in reading is the enthusiasm observed during the “Living Classics” competition which took place on March 14 in Belgium. Contest in which the children brilliantly recited passages from books of different genres.

The library of the Russian Centre has selected for you books for children by contemporary Russian authors. Given the current situation, we suggest that our readers use the services of LitRes: online library where you can not only read books in digital version, but also listen to their audio versions.

See the full selection here!