Russian Innovation Night with AR Tutor in Brussels

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The Russian Centre in Brussels organised on its platform a presentation of the non-profit association “Без ограничений” (“Bez organicheny”, literally “Without limits”), Centre for the Development and Implementation of Digital Technologies and Rehabilitation Programmes.

AR Tutor is a platform that includes 4 free apps for learning and social adaptation of children with mental disorders. The apps use augmented reality, which has an effect on 4 of the child’s sensory channels.

The applications are adapted for children with these diagnoses: autism, mental deficiency, speech and developmental delay, and infantile cerebral palsy.

During the Russian Innovation Night conference in Brussels, the Director of the association and his team talked about the virtual educational platform AR Tutor, dedicated to the education and the social adaptation of children with intellectual disabilities. Innovative Russian companies took part in the event.

Several subjects were discussed during the presentation of the AR Tutor project. The first one was the history and ideological values of the project and was presented by Egor Kozlovsky, director of the non-profit association "Без ограничений" and creator of the project.

The following subject was presented by Evgeny Sheinis, partner of the company. He gave a complete presentation of the project, specifying the target audience, the current statistics and the methods of influence of the platform.

Special attention was paid to the practical implementation of this platform. One of the speakers at the event was Irina Shpitalskaya, Director of the Centre for Social Support and Rehabilitation "Семь-Я" ("Sem-ya"). The Centre has been using the applications of the AR Tutor platform for three years and has seen significant progress in children learning while using this method.

One of the most important questions of the conference was: “Can we use AR Tutor applications at home, without special training?”. The answer is yes. We recommend to all those who want to try the applications to start with AR Tutor’s free educational applications using Augmented Reality technology.

To download the applications and for detailed information about them, you can visit the project website: